Personality Development Workshop

Personality development has many benefits that are the outcome of a strong personality development procedure. In fact, it is true that there are only benefits and no disadvantages to having personality development. The opportunity to be able to form a healthy rapport with anybody of any age bracket.
HR dept. arranged nice programme on Personality Growth and Development, Common etiquettes for the hospital on dated 11/11/2016 at 03.00 pm in seminar hall.
Programme was completely based on personality growth and development, common etiquettes, phone conversation, mail conversation etc. Mrs. Rama Rane, Mrs. Prabhavati S. Dherange, Mrs. Nikhita Gaikwad has co-ordinated and gave speech on above topic. Complete Pioneer staff has participated in the training programme. They have also given speech on several other advantageous aspects to having a personality development experience, like the ability to hold your own, the ability to curb temperamentalism and be an out-going and well-spoken or rather, well communicative individual. Some of the game has also organised and participated by everyone. Game was based on group dynamics and team building, how employee can help each other and provide support best services to the patient.
Overall, the person gets a wonderful edge and a razor-sharp yet approachable as well as a warm outlook to life and people.