International Rajyoga Day

World international Rajyoga Day celebrated today at 08.00 am in the morning. The programme has been conducted with the association of Prajapita Brahmakumari Eshwariye vishwavidayalaya. Progeramme is based on yoga and meditation and they have provide lecture on - how human being can spend their free life without stress with the help of meditation. Few steps of meditation has been done by employee. The speaker and chief guest for the programme were Mr. Mukul bhaijee with other supportive hands. Dr. Tarachand Karale (Director), Mr. Uttamrao Bodke, Mr. Ganesh Nandedkar (CEO) has also participated in the programme. Programme started with felicitation of the guest, meditation, distribution of Prasad and at last Dr. Tarachand karale has given vote of thanks for the session. The complete programme has been conducted by HR dept, IT dept. Supervisor, mainatainence with the help of other house keeping staff. Programme were good and enthusiastic, everyone enjoyed nad get benefitted.