CME 26 Dec 2015

Pioneer Hopsital orgnaised CME at KEYS Hotel Pimpri, on 26/12/2015 from 9.00pm onwards. The Introduction talk was given by Miss Sadhna Kumari.   

The Speaker’s for the evening were.

Dr.Samadhan Kshirsagar.

Dr Shreehari Dange.


Dr. Samadhan Kshirsagar gave a brief talk on - Abdominal Pain –Symptomatology Diagnosis & Management 

 Dr Shreehari Dange gave a brief talk on -  Diagnosis in Acute Conditions, Acute Pain in Abdomen Using the Available Resources.

The Chief Guest for the evening was

Dr.Gunjare (President of Dehu-Road Doctor Association.)

Dr.Mahesh Kudare (Secretary of Dehu-Road Doctor Association.)


The delegates were felicitate by Dr.P.M Hatekar and Dr.Yogesh Shaha.